RSM with Excellence

RSM with Excellence is a course that provides professional and ethical guidelines to ensure safe practice standards, identify areas of practitioner responsibility, and to provide all necessary RSM's forms to work professionally with clients.

  • Attend this online webinar in the comfort of your own home, after completing both the RSM Protocol and RSM Journey trainings.

  • Ethical guidelines are not static – this training will be updated periodically to reflect best practices within the mental health industry to ensure the professional quality of RSM's practice standards. 

  • To become a "certified" RSM practitioner, this training course is a requirement

Training Elements.

I. Professionalism. 

  • Ethical Standards and Guidelines 

  • RSM’s Master Forms and Tools 

II. Advancement Within RSM.

  • RSM Certification

  • Retracing Sequence Method International Inc. Programs

III. RSM Business Development.

  • Increase Cliental 

  • Elements Of A Private Practice 


Date and Time: Contact RSM's Director of Training (see info. below)

  • 10am - 2pm (Pacific Standard Time)

eLearning Basic-3 Fee.

  • $250.00


Registration. Contact Karissa Kirk at to register


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