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Attachment Webinar

With the latest neuroscience advancements and research in brain imaging, there is an increased awareness that the human mind can literally change the biological brain. Anchored firmly upon God's Word, RSM's attachment webinar sets forth key theoretical ideas in attachment theory and how the underlying neurological processes that promote brain change are fundamentally relational in nature, which helps to explain the connection between interpersonal attachments and the mind. 


Healthy reciprocal relationships are the cornerstone of being happy and living well. This webinar will increase your understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between humans, how attachment bonds start early with primary care-givers, and leads to life-long attachment styles. 

Attachment Webinar's Objectives:

  • Enhance your attachment knowledge and competency to better identify and differentiate between attachment styles

  • Increase your understanding of early primary caregivers' impact on relational patterns and connection to others over the lifespan

  • Identify behaviors that contribute to a secure attachment style and insecure attachment styles

  • Sharpen your abilities to see "what's in the room" when working with clients

Cost: $125

Time: Approximately 90-minutes​

Disclaimer: The rental is available for only a 24-hour timeframe.

Trauma Webinar

When trauma is experienced, it often cripples lives. According to the National Association for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 60% of men and 50% of women will experience horrific events in their lifetime. Stress disorders are the most common mental health illness affecting nearly 40 million Americans annually - with an estimated 7 million adults suffering PTSD annually.  

Trauma: The experience(s) of physical, sexual, severe psychological, vicarious trauma, and/or men and women returning home from war. 

Trauma Webinar's Objectives:

  • Deepen the knowledge base regarding the complexities of the trauma experience by understanding the impact of trauma - specifically, the interplay between neurobiology and the environment, the trauma's influence on cognitive, affective, behavioral, and relational functioning. 

  • Demonstrate greater insight for the unique cognitive, affective, and behavioral challenges faced by traumatized clients.

  • Better understand clients' presenting trauma related symptoms.

  • Increase understanding of neural integration and the vital role it plays in the client's successful treatment outcomes.

  • Increase self-awareness around personal unresolved issues and the impact this may have with transference and countertransference issues.

  • As an RSM Practitioner, you will better understand how to safely and effectively support clients through the RSM's Trauma Core's zones to support positive outcomes.

  • The workshop's activities will increase your trauma related skills.

  • To better equip and empower you to make a difference in lives of those suffering from trauma (physical, sexual, severe psychological abuse, and/or vicarious trauma, and men and women returning from war).

Cost: $125

Time: Approximately 90-minutes

Disclaimer: The rental is available for only a 24-hour timeframe.

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