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 RSM Academies 

Upcoming Academies
RSM Protocol™: Oct. 7 - 9, 2022 in Coeur d'Alene, ID

  • April 14 - 16, 2023 in Palm Beach, FL

RSM Journey™January 27 - 30, 2023 in Palm Beach, FL

  • June 2 - 4, 2023 in Palm Beach, FL

Advanced: Feburary 24 - 26, 2023 in Jupiter, FL

RSM’s Christian Neuro-Emotional Therapeutic Tool specializes in treating individuals through a trauma focused lens. Because healing past trauma is a journey back to wholeness, therapeutic work must be both safe and effective to ensure true and lasting transformation. Trauma experienced early in life becomes embedded neurologically as a state of mind. Thus, the perspective for producing a healthy life and relationships have become broken. 


RSM does not replace individual counseling, whereby, you talk about life’s challenges and implement a behavioral change solution. Nor is it a spiritual inner-healing modality, whereby you focus on hearing the Holy Spirit. Instead, RSM engages with the client at the neurological level to access and eradicate embedded early maladaptive schemas that are driving mental and emotional dis-ease and producing toxic behavioral outcomes. 

We are equipping the Believers of Jesus Christ who are called to transform lives (Romans 12:2) and to set the captives free in the “darkest of places” (Isaiah 61:1) with an unprecedented dynamic Christian neuroemotional therapeutic tool.

Trainings include:

1. RSM Protocol™. (Friday 8:30am - Sunday 12pm)

  • Prerequisite: You've received at least two RSM sessions (Protocol or Journey)

​Who can train:

  • First-Time Trainees include:

    • Credentialed Professionals: You have at least a B.A. degree and want to utilize a Christian NeuroEmotional Therapeutic Tool to fit within the scope of your existing practice

    • Lay People: You do not have a degree, but desire to make a difference for your family members, friends​, ministry, and within your community

  • Refreshers (non-certified RSM Practitioners)

  • Certified RSM Practitioners

2. RSM Journey. (Friday 4:30pm - Monday 12pm )

  • Prerequisite: You've attended the Academy - RSM Protocol training and have received at least two RSM Journey sessions

​Who can train:

  • First-Time Trainees include both Credentialed Professionals and Lay People

  • Refreshers (non-certified RSM Practitioners)

  • Certified RSM Practitioners

3. Advanced RSM Academy & Retreat (Friday 8:30pm - Sunday 12pm)

  • Details and registration can be found in the Practitioners' Portal

All trainings include:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

  • Workshops

  • Coached Sessions

  • Training Manual and Materials


Trainings do not include:​

  • Meals

  • Lodging

  • Travel Expenses

  • And any other incidental expenses

RSM Academy - Protocol

Get equipped with a Christian evidence based neuro-emotional therapeutic tool.

RSM Academy - Journey

Enter the exciting world of neuroscience and learn a journey for soul restoration.

Application Steps.

  1. Click on the appropriate application below; email your completed application form to RSM's Director of Training:

  2. Upon application approval​, you will receive instructions to complete your registration

    • Full payment reserves your training spot - see deadlines on "Training Schedule and Details" above.

RSM Academy - Protocol Training

Oct. 7 - 9, 2022

Registration is closed!

  • Ask for the RSM Special Group Room Rate: $169 for a Single King; $184 for a Double Queen

    • Reservations must be made a month before the training start date - so don't miss this special group rate

  • Includes a full kitchen with stove and refrigerator​, free breakfast buffet, and free parking

  • Indoor work out facility, pool, and outdoor hot-tub

  • Monday - Wednesday complimentary dinner buffet with your choice of beer/wine 

  • Free WiFi

  • Convenient downtown access to grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants in walking distance.

Cancellation Policy:  Nightengale LLC reserves the right to cancel events due to an insufficient number of registrants. In which case monies will be fully refunded. If an applicant cancels less than 60 days prior to the Academy Training dates, NO refunds will be allowed - No Exceptions. However, if the trainee cancels more than 60 days, prior to the Academy, 50% of fees will be refunded.


Nightengale LLC will not be responsible for any flights, hotels or other travel expenses; therefore, wait to purchase your airline ticket & hotel until the Academy administrator confirms your registration dates.

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