Boise, Idaho

May 7 - 12, 2021

 RSM Academy 2021 

The RSM Academy's training curriculum is set up as an educational journey – each RSM training segment builds in a sequential manner to facilitate you with a methodical learning path for success.

Courses include a mixed training approach combining traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT) within the physical classroom setting at the Academy to be followed by eLearning (online webinar training courses) within the comfort of your own home.


This hybrid learning style increases training effectiveness, while reducing your training cost. We want everyone who desires to be trained to be able to do so.

The ILT Courses Include:

  • RSM Protocol (Basic-1)
  • RSM Journey (Basic-2)​
    • These training segments are ILT, due to the physicality elements of RSM
  • Give and receive RSM sessions - coached by Academy Instructors

  • Workshops to advance your RSM skills

  • Breakout Seminars

Outcomes and Benefits.

  • Within a comfortable group setting, the training structure systematically builds foundational knowledge

  • Experiential learning through workshops and coaching creates clear results for trainees

  • Immediate feedback from instructors to begin applying new knowledge with confidence

  • An opportunity for personal growth and transformation

  • Network with like-minded individuals and become a part of a growing professional Christian community for effective "bottom-up" mental and emotional health and wholeness

Academy Training Includes: 

  • Basic-1: Learn the RSM Protocol™, which incorporates "four key phases", with practice workshops - a VALUE of $295

  • Basic-2: Learn the RSM Journey™, which incorporates a "location" element with practice workshops - a VALUE of $295 

  • Daily Workshops: Multiple coached workshops are woven throughout the entire training segments to advance your RSM skills and increase your confidence

  • Coached Sessions: Coaching will be provided during two scheduled "Buddy" Sessions (working with other trainees, while receiving one-on-one coaching). Receive two coached sessions - a VALUE of $300.00

  • Two Live RSM Session Demonstrations: People learn new information in different ways. Therefore, we apply the Hear, Observe, and Do training model that provides more efficient learning and better retention of skills​. Watch a live demonstration of the Intake Session elements and a live demonstration of a RSM Journey Session - a VALUE of $300

  • Two Break-Out Seminars: One is for all trainees and one is for Certified RSM Practitioners Only - a VALUE of $300

RSM Academy 2021 Schedule

May 7 - 12, 2021


     3pm Hotel Check-In

     4pm Orientation

     4pm Friday - 12pm Wednesday:

     Basic-1 and Basic-2


     Tuesday Breakout Seminars:

     6pm - 7:30pm (Certified Only)

  • Working with Minors 

     8pm - 9pm (All Trainees)

  • First & Foremost 

  • Epic Sessions


     8am - 10am Final Academy Training 

     10am Departure

Additional RSM Training. (Certified Only)

     Wednesday - Thursday 

     RSM Relive Specialist Training 

     1pm Wednesday - 10am Thursday

     Cost: $250

RSM Academy Fee Includes: All Trainings, Training Materials, Workshops, Coaching during “Buddy Sessions”, and Live Demonstrations


Training Cost Does Not Include: Hotel, Travel Expenses, Food (However, breakfasts are included in the hotel's amenities) 

RSM Academy Fee: 

A training value of $1,490.00, but only pay a total of:

Hotel Training Location: Boise, Idaho (hotel to be announced)
RSM Special Room Rate: TBA
Group Room Block #ID: RSM Academy

Contact the Director of RSM Training, Karissa Kirk, if you have any questions:

Phone: (408) 510-0172

Academy Application Forms:

Prior to attending, you will need to:

  • Watch RSM Attachment Webinar:

    • Bring the Attachment Materials to the Academy
  • Make your Hotel Reservation no later than one month prior to Academy's start date to take advantage of the hotel's special "RSM Group Rate"

  • Read both of these books prior to attending the RSM Academy:

    • Dr. Caroline Leaf (2008), Who Switched Off My Brain: Controlling ToxicThoughts and Emotions.

    • Read Dr. Bruce Lipton (2005), The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

Former Academy trainees are saying:

Cancellation Policy:  Nightengale LLC reserves the right to cancel events due to an insufficient number of registrants. In which case monies will be fully refunded. If an applicant cancels 30 days or less prior to the Academy Training dates, NO refunds will be allowed - No Exceptions. However, if the trainee cancels more than 30 days, prior to the Academy, 50% of fees will be refunded.


Nightengale LLC will not be responsible for any flights, hotels or other travel expenses; therefore, wait to purchase your airline ticket & hotel until the Academy administrator confirms your registration dates.

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