Retracing Sequence Method™ 

Client Testimonials

Mom (Salem, OR, 2020) Driving home from RSM therapy just now, my 11 year old son says, "You know what I find fascinating about RSM, Mom? Even people with happy, perfect lives who have never been sad, have negative belief systems passed down through DNA from their ancestors. We all have struggles." 

Catherine (Salem, OR 2020). I’ve experienced inner healing through both SOZO and RSM. In fact, I was part of our SOZO team at my church for a few years and experienced seeing many set free. I’ve also experienced deep inner healing through RSM and know many friends who have too!
Both deal with transforming people through recognizing and accepting God’s truth in their lives. However, the focus and process used is very different. 

Mom (San Jose, 2018) "I just wanted to share that my most recently adopted child added this to dinner prayer tonight,'and thank you God for RSM'. He is 10 and is truly transforming from RSM"
Kim T. (Camas, Washington - 2017) “After twenty-two years of marriage, my husband and I thought we had found a way to live comfortably with each other despite our differences. We would joke that I was too “needy” and that he was emotionally distant but the truth was, inside we were both hurting. We were facing financial difficulties and attempting to raise teenagers while struggling to emotionally connect....”

H. Kellar (San Jose, CA - 2016) "I accepted Christ when I was about 5 years old and living in Texas.  I've been attending church and participating in Bible Study consistently these last 38 years....BUT it wasn't until I had the session "in the Father's Heart" that I felt loved by God and could stop performing and instead just be.  That session took my relationship with God to a new level."

L. Sweeny (Portland, OR - 2014)“I have known Rashelle Wilson, the Founder of RSM, for 20 years. She is a woman of God that is highly gifted in healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Due to her background, training, academic education, spiritual giftedness, and the unique therapeutic tool she has developed, RSM is light years ahead of other healing modalities. When I worked with Rashelle, I was truly amazed at what came out of my early life traumas, even though I have gone through all other kinds of healing workshops and I have been a trained counselor for many years!


Carole J."I have felt trapped most of my life in a deep dark abyss just surviving and unable to dig out of it or even see the light above it.  The sense of that has kept me down not living my life fully.

After a recent RSM session, I saw myself rising out of that abyss with the help of Jesus. I came up into the light with effervescent joy and freedom."

Gail P. (Corvallis, OR - 2014) “After many years of using various forms of healing prayer to deal with a particular issue in my life and experiencing small incremental results, RSM™ actually uncovered the root, gave me a way to process through the pain in a short amount of time with no additional trauma and set me on a path of walking out my new found freedom. I am very grateful for the work God is doing through Rashelle Wilson and this amazing process.”

T.A. (Los Angeles, CA - 2009) "I came as a non-Christian to my first RSM™ session at the age of 20 years old. I wanted help from Rashelle with my symptoms of dissociative disorder that I had been experiencing since I was 14 years old. The physical, emotional, mental, and (surprising to me at the time) spiritual components of my disorder were effectively revealed and safely dealt with during my first session.

Due to the crystal clear awareness and real healing I got around my dissociative disorder in my first session, I received Christ into my heart later that night. I continued my RSM™ sessions and achieved full mental integration over the next year."       

Cheryl Y. (Washington, 2018) RSM continues to amaze me. It appears with time, more of the negative connections go away. I realized the other day that all the negative chatter surrounding food at EVERY meal was gone! Didn't even know it was there until one day I realized all I heard were crickets! LOL! My weight is a non issue now. For the first time in my life, I feel at peace and am comfortable in my own skin..." 

Nikki R. (Oregon - 2015)“I've spent YEARS in counseling therapy and apart from learning a few new tools and additional coping mechanisms, NOTHING ever touched the deepest part of my dying soul. I didn't know what was in there, myself, but nothing ever came close to even brushing it...”



Todd T. (West Linn, OR - 2016) “After months and months of traditional talk therapy/counseling from several different providers I was ready to try something different.   In talk therapy, regardless of the provider, the story was always the same "you're broken and you need to fix it."    I had expressed my frustration to a pastor friend who had heard about Rashelle and the amazing transformations that others had experienced through RSM."


Christy M., Attorney (Eugene, OR - 2015) 

Chronic sexual abuse characterized my childhood. I’ve lived with a constant level of underlying anxiety - always striving, trying to be better, wanting to get to a point at which I wasn’t afraid and I could feel safe. I turned to God and found degrees of peace at times, but inner turmoil returned. It has been so constant that much of the time I wasn’t even aware of it; I thought it was part of who I was.


RSM is the only process that has efficiently and effectively gone to the roots of my tangled and messed up internal struggles. The result of a little over a year of weekly RSM sessions is freedom that I couldn’t have even imagined before I began, and a much, much closer life with my Lord. The changes in me are undeniable, refreshing and freeing. I am much calmer. I live now in the peace and rest of God, secure (finally) in His love and acceptance. For me, nothing is more precious. RSM is a priceless gift from God.

Linda J. (Vancouver, WA - 2015) “It's a miracle! After decades of trying to realize healing for childhood sexual trauma, I'm FREE. The Lord heard my cry and now I no longer grit my teeth during intimacy with my husband. I didn't think it was possible after trying every other Christian inner-healing approach. Thank you Jesus!!! This approach gets to the root and this process has been an unprecedented transformational journey."


Jim S. (Milwaukie, OR - 2012) “During my RSM (Retracing Sequence Method) sessions with Rashelle Wilson, I had incredible early life recall of traumatic experiences that were brought out of my soul and unconscious that have kept me in a state of stress and emergency. Since I have lived my whole life in a self-induced state of high stress, I thought this was normal. I have never before experienced any form of therapy that has achieved these results. I now am on a path of experiencing true healing that just may heal my Parkinson’s. I owe this new life and freedom to God and Rashelle’s guidance!”



Cleo, 6 years old (Portland, OR - 2008) “Rashelle is really great and helped me with a lot of things. She helped me through my problems with my mom and dad. RSM gave me sunshine in my brain. Before I started seeing her, I was very unhappy. Now, I'm in a happy valley!"


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