Real Healing 

  Creates Real Change


Retracing Sequence Method™ 

Christian NeuroEmotional Therapy

Time To Soar

Are You Soaring or Stuck? 


Are you continually cycling through problems - no matter how hard you strive to resolve them? Have you tried repeatedly to break negative emotional and behavioral patterns that leave you feeling like a failure? Would you like to get unstuck, begin to RISE, and then SOAR?

RSM™ effectively intervenes in a broad spectrum of psychological conditions and relational issues. Its Christian NeuroEmotional Therapyapproach adheres to God's word to heal the broken heart and  supports mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational transformation for all ages and stages of life. You were made to soar!!!


Bind-up the broken hearted (Isaiah 61)

A Good Client Match For RSM:

  • Are you okay with traditional Christian Biblical principles?

  • Are you tired of trying harder to fix your problems without results?

  • Are you stuck cycling through familiar negative coping mechanisms?

  • Do you earnestly want to realize transformation?

  • Are you seeking results that last?

RSM Practitioners provide a safe environment, where all clients have an opportunity to invite the True and Living God into their therapeutic process. RSM Practitioners love and respect God and His word and believe it contains necessary principles that can bring true and lasting transformation to anyone who seeks it.


Where ever you find yourself in life, RSM's Christian NeuroEmotional cutting-edge approach will help you experience true transformation. Contact a RSM Practitioner today and start soaring again.

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