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Retracing Sequence Method™ 

RSM's Founder

Rashelle Wilson, Founder of RSM, M.A., CMHC - Trauma Specialist

Like so many others drawn to the mental health field, Rashelle Wilson entered the field of psychology to learn how to heal her internal brokenness due to childhood abuse. Then, in her late 20’s, due to a transformative encounter with the Lord, she gained insight as to why the traditional mental health protocols weren’t effectively helping clients with similar histories of childhood abuse. Over the course of three months, the Lord supernaturally took her back in time via open visions to the originating events that created her foundational negative belief systems. The Lord’s “bottom-up” procedure not only renewed her mind and healed her broken heart, but also provided the protocol for Retracing Sequence Method. 


With a master’s-level education as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and additional specialized training as a trauma therapist, Rashelle focused her determination and passion to help her clients heal at a deeper soul level by developing a cutting-edge Christian NeuroEmotional therapeutic protocol called Retracing Sequence Method™ (“RSM™”). The RSM™ Protocol combines neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics with Biblically based Christian principles and values, to systematically meet the needs of those who continually struggle to realize emotional healing and wellness.


For 10 years Rashelle utilized the RSM™ Protocol within her private practice. Due to her clients sharing their healing stories with family and friends, her clientele grew without the need to advertise. Then, in 2010, the Lord impressed upon her to begin training the RSM™ Protocol to other mental health professionals, pastors, and people who shared her passion, to “set the captives free”. 2022 will be the 20-year anniversary of RSM’s launching.

Professional Credentials. 

Rashelle earned a Bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Studies and a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Fox University in Oregon, a CACREP accredited Christian University, while simultaneously attending the Trauma Response Institute to become a trauma specialist. 

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