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Training to become a
RSM Relive Specialist

Next RSM Relive Training:

Date: October 21, 2023
Time: 9:30am - 4pm 

Fee: $245
See application below

Envision Freedom.


Karissa Kirk, RSM's Director of Training, asked me to "cast a vision" to help RSM Practitioners understand what it means to be a RSM Relive Specialist. But first I'd like to ask you, Why did you first want to try Retracing Sequence Method as a healing modality? And second, why did you then want to become a RSM Practitioner?


As the founder of RSM, it's because I earnestly wanted to be healed from past childhood trauma. So, initially creating RSM was about me! But, when my friends begin to see real changes taking place in me, they started asking me to work with them too. Quickly my practice began to expand as I worked with family and friends. When people see something truly works, they'll tell others.


I then began to realize this was God's orginal plan all along - my healing would lead to helping others do the same.


So, my question for you is do you have a passion and the dedication it will take to help others become free from past unresolved trauma?


As a RSM Relive Specialist, you will come alongside others while utilizing a specific RSM "relive" protocol to address past unresolved trauma wounds.

Prayerfully consider if becoming a Relive Specialist is part of your God-given destiny. 


Requirements to apply:

  1. You're a Certified RSM Journey Practitioner in good standing (i.e., current in your training requirements and annual member's fee)

  2. You're currently a American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) member

  3. You've taken a professional trauma course with an official organization within the past two years in addition to RSM's Trauma Webinar


A RSM Relive Specialist is required to attend the RSM Relive Specialist Training every two years at RSM's Advanced Academy - the day before from 9am - 4pm.

To apply, follow the instructions on the application form. 

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