Become a Relive Specialist

Envision Freedom and a New Life.


Karissa Kirk, RSM's Director of Training, recently asked me to "cast a vision" to help practitioners understand what it means to be a RSM Relive Specialist. But first I'd like to ask, Why did you first try RSM? Why did you then want to become a RSM Practitioner?


For me, as the founder of RSM, it was because I earnestly wanted to be healed from past childhood trauma. So, initially it was all about me! But, when my friends begin to see real changes taking place in me, they started asking me to work with them, which then quickly expanded into working with their family members and friends. When something truly works, people who really want to be healed, will seek you out.


I began to realize that this was God's plan all along - to get healed and then help others to do the same. God wants each of us to be free of past wounds that BLOCK being your TRUE Identity and realizing your TRUE Destiny. This is what the Lord entrusted me to do in pioneering the first Christian NeuroEmotional Therapeutic Tool.


Do you have the passion and dedication to help others become free from past unresolved trauma? As a RSM Relive Specialist, you come alongside others to utilize a specific protocol to address past unresolved trauma wounds and spiritual abuse issues. 

Please prayerfully consider becoming a Relive Specialist. Anyone a part of the SOFT program will need to be a Relive Specialist. 


To register for the upcoming RSM Relive Specialists' training, you must have done the following:

1. Current in your American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) membership

2. You are a Certified RSM Practitioner in good standing

  • You are current in your Annual Certification Renewal Fee

  • You have turned in your Annual Training Log

  • You are current with your annual training requirements

3. You have taken a certified trauma course outside of RSM's Trauma Webinar with an official organization - like the AACC


To maintain your standing as a RSM Relive Specialist, you are required to attend the RSM Relive Specialist Training every two years at the RSM Academy.

  • The next Relive Specialist Training will be held directly after RSM Academy  Wednesday at 12pm October 27th - Thursday at 10am October 28th 

If you would like to apply, please follow the instructions found on the registration form. 

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