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 RSM with Excellence

The RSM with Excellence online training course provides professional and ethical guidelines to ensure safe practice standards, identifies and discusses areas of responsibilities to clients, and trains how to utilize RSM's professional forms to work confidently with clients.

  • Attend this online webinar in the comfort of your own home, after completing either the RSM Protocol or RSM Journey training

  • Ethical guidelines are not static – this training will be updated periodically to reflect best practices within the mental health industry to ensure the professional quality of RSM's practice standards. 

  • To become a "certified" RSM practitioner, this training course is a requirement

Training Elements.

I. Professionalism. 

  • Ethical Standards and Guidelines 

  • RSM’s Master Forms and Tools 

II. Advancement Within RSM.

  • RSM Certification

  • Retracing Sequence Method International Inc. Programs

III. RSM Business Development.

  • Increase Cliental 

  • Elements Of A Private Practice 


Date and Time: Saturday, May 13

  • 10am - 2pm (Pacific Standard Time)

eLearning Basic-3 Fee.

  • $250.00


Registration. Contact Karissa Kirk at to register


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