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Retracing Sequence Method™:


From a Grateful Wife

"After twenty-two years of marriage, my husband and I thought we had found a way to live comfortably with each other despite our differences. We would joke that I was too “needy” and that he was emotionally distant but the truth was, inside we were both hurting. We were facing financial difficulties and attempting to raise teenagers while struggling to emotionally connect.


Just a month or two after I started RSM, my husband decided that he wanted to experience some of the changes he saw in me. He knew he was not experiencing the love in his relationship with God or with his family that he wanted. While I was making my way through my journey, facing unresolved past trauma, my husband started his own RSM journey and began dealing with his issues around love and self-identity. He progressed quickly.


Just this last week, I took note of the major changes we are now experiencing. There has been a major shift in the atmosphere of our home! My husband’s heart has been opened to a relationship with us in a new way. The communication that was often strained and void of emotional connection has been transformed! It is like a switch has been turned on and he now is relating and connecting with the kids and I effortlessly.


If you had asked me a few months ago if I loved my husband, I would have said, “of course,” but it would be said from a place of duty and obligation. Now I find myself astounded at how much I enjoy his company. I don’t just love him, I really like him as well!" 


K.T. Washington, 2015


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